Friday, August 29, 2008


Geekydaddy and I cannot vote in the US presidential election, since we are not citizens. Like many of the Geeky folk that make up the bio and techy community we gained residency thanks to our scientific education. In fact of 26 PhD's at my company, 17 are foreign born and educated. Now I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me here, so I'm personally glad that the US needs to import scientists and engineers, but like Barak Obama, I think America should be able to educate its citizens so that they too can have these opportunites.

We do however have two brand new little citizens in our house, who I very much hope will grow up in an America we can all be proud of. We watched Barak Obama accept the Democratic party nomination last night.

Geekygirl (mesmerized by his on screen presence): "Who's that man?"

Me: "That's Barak Obama"

A few seconds later

Geekygirl (standing on her head to see if he looks different from upside down:) "Who's that man?"

Me: "That's Barak Obama"

This conversation was repeated about fourteen times from several vantage points.

The stadium errupted in applause

GG: "Ooooooooh." She clapped along with the audience

Geekygirl then retrieved an electronic toy that has an "applause sound" button, and decided to use this during the frequent bursts of clapping in order to bring the atmosphere of the stadium to our living room. It was quite effective.

As the camera focused back on Barak her questioning began again:

GG "Who's that man"

Me: Who do you think it is

GG "Barak Obambapappa"

Me: It's Barak Obama

GG: "Who's that man"

Me: Who do you think it is?

GG: "Barak ObamaPyjama."

She collapsed into giggles and we decided to go to get her ready for bed. But Barak, I think you have a new fan, if only because of the endless rhyming potential of your name.