Sunday, August 17, 2008

le weekend

The weekends seem to have so many more hours in them than they used to. Possibly because we now get up at 7.00am (if we're lucky), rather than some time after noon. I sit here on a Sunday night, totally but yet pleasantly exhausted after a really very uneventful weekend. One of the things that keeps me sane in life is to keep a Pollyanna like tally of all our little succesess and achievements. Here is my 'jobs well done' list from one ordinary weekend. I'm going to start with Friday afternoon to make the list longer!

Obtained passport photos of both children on the way home from daycare. This seemed like a great idea. How long could it possibly take? Well, quite a long time, apparently. It started well, the large tattooed man dropping of 27 rolls of film let us ahead of him in line. Geekybaby managed not to cry while I suspended him puppet style in front of the white backdrop, trying not to have my hand visible; 'look no wires'. Geekygirl threatened tears, but the kind assistant promised her candy.

And then, as ten, twenty, thirty minutes passed without the production of our photos or the promised candy, Geekybaby began to cry for his dinner, Geekygirl bored of trying out her new found counting skills on the displayed items and I started to get ansty. I decided to purchase our own candy, since I realized the assistants bribe must have been a cunning ploy to get me to do just that. Mmm Swedish fish. (What is Swedish about them, I always wonder?). Fortunately the candy held us over until the overpriced pictures were delivered.

Saturday morning in an amazing feat of efficiency, we got the passport application in, and all our grocery shopping finished before 9.30 in the morning!

Seven loads of laundry were run. It should have only been five, but I discovered that if you hurl the contents of the kids laundry basket into the machine without panning through it first, you may accidentally launder a used diaper (pee pee only, before you cringe at the horror). The result of this 'experiment' was one very saturated diaper, and gel from the diaper spread all over the 'clean' clothes. Two washes later they were almost gel free.

The dining room table was cleared of many weeks worth of junk and real mail, old newspapers still in their blue pastic bags, magazines that I am certain I have never subscribed to, and other sundries. This is an incredible feat. And we didn't even have the threat of dinner guests to motivate us this time. We have to invite people over at least once a month otherwise we would drown in paper.

While both kids miraculously overlapped on naptime, I found time to dowload pictures from my camera and fancify this blog page!

We even spent time with friends, friends who we have known since long before we had kids, and who now also have two kids. These are the best kind of friends, and these guys are the best of the best. Our kids get along great too (admittedly in a rather loud, overexcited, insane, chasing, throwing things kind of a way). Its takes a while, with friends you meet after you become parents, to figure out whether you really get along, since the kids are the force that throws you together. Would these people have been the kind of people you would have hung out with before kids? And with long time friends who don't have kids, though I love to spend time with them, I find myself embarrased by my complete inability to focus on a conversation for more than two or three sentences, my patchy knowledge of current affairs, and am ashamed of my unfashionable outfits, designed for easy baby to boob access and if clean, certainly not ironed.

Of course I have a far longer list of things that still need to be done, but I'm not even going to depress myself by thinking about it. There are always more things to do. Right now I'm going to bask in the enjoyment of having had a very productive and fun weekend.

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