Wednesday, August 13, 2008

little Mr. Handsome

One of the reasons I started this blog was to brag about my fabulous children. My kind and lovely coworkers often ask me 'and how is the baby?' as we congregate around the microwave at lunchtime. I think they are expecting a one word answer, not ten minutes of me waxing lyrical about his accomplishments. So in order to preserve my professional image, I will pour out my delight in his fabulousness here instead.

I'm always making up nicknames for the kids and animals, and at the moment my favourite name for geekybaby is 'little Mr. Handsome.'

Perhaps this is because when Geekybaby was born he was not very handsome at all. Crushed in my pelvis, (I['m 5 ft 2" and he was 22 inches long) 10 days late, he was battered and bruised with bloodshot eyes, and a deep crease where his nose met his forehead. I'm pretty sure there is a 'Star Trek TNG' species that looks exactly like him, but I'm not quite geeky enough to know the name of it.

He had the most amazing grimace

But as his bruises faded, and his eyes cleared, his sweet and mellow personality started to shine out in his face

And he just grew more and more gorgeous. He also developed great taste in clothing.

He is so adorable now that I will even forgive him for the puncture wound in my right nipple that is making pumping at work even less fun than usual. I now understand why some women wean their infants when they grow teeth. And cannot fathom why anyone would get their nipple pierced.

Until I had babies I didn't really understand why people would have 3 or 4 kids. Now I almost understand people who choose to have 15. But we have decided that geekybaby will be our last baby, so I revel in his every precious gloopy flappy baby moment.

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how cute is little mr. handsome!!!!!

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