Monday, August 11, 2008

cats don't like mondays

Monday always feels worse after a particularly lovely weekend. We just got back from three days in tahoe, and this morning were thrown right back to reality again. We try to keep our mornings fun, despite the goal being to get 2 adults and 2 kids out of the house by 7.30am.

So, despite the ticking clock, I was trying to be delighted that geekygirl wanted to remove her own diaper and pee on the potty, and patient while she tried to empty the little potty container of pee back into the potty stool instead of the toilet, and understanding while she hysterically rejected my choices of stickers for her new sticker chart , (the baby in the backpack was attained this weekend, and was huge hit.). I hurried to help her select her outfit for the day once the pee and sticker hysteria had switched, in true 2 year old fashion, into sunny excitement about the day ahead, and I was just starting to feel better about the morning, when I felt something cold and claggy under my foot. Ahh, cat vomit. Cats are such delightful companion animals, we have a house full of easy to clean hardwood floors, yet they almost always vomit on the rugs. I suppose it could have been worse; some mornings it is is eviscerated mouse liver.

Returning to the kitchen with a proud self dressed Geekygirl, I found Geekydaddy spoonfeeding Geekybaby his bowlful of mush, my breastpump bag packed, Geekygirls lunch and geekybaby's bottles all ready to go, and my coffee and toast prepared for me.

As I started my commute, which, crazy as this sounds, I cherish for the alone time it gives me, I realized how lucky I am to have a true partner in parenting in Geekydaddy. I recently read 'perfect madness: motherhood in the age of insanity', a theme of which is that 'working dads' (and when are they ever even called that anyway) in two job households don't face the same pressures of balancing career and parenting as 'working moms' do. I was reminded of an incident last week when Geekydaddy got a work related call at home one evening. He picked up the call, but informed his boss that he had to change a poopy diaper, and would get back to him later! One day I'll do a '10 reasons I love my husband', and that will be on the list.