Monday, January 4, 2010

High fives from 2009

It hasn't been a good year for the world. But it hasn't been a bad year for the Geekyfamily. We're had some good times. I joined the British Mummy (and parent) Blogger network this year, thankful that I can find some way to be called "Mummy" and not "Mommy", which seems to be a losing battle.
Tash at WHAM_BAM, and mothership at Motherhood-the final frontier tagged me for a list of good things about my 2009, thanks ladies, so here they are.

1. Our trip to South Africa. Last year we saw in the New Year on the other side of the world. Though it was grueling journey, it was worth it to experience a beautiful new country and to spend time with Geekydaddy's family. Sometimes the conflict in the world exhausts me, but a country like South Africa while it still has its challenges, reminds us of the successes of politics and gives us hope that the power of human beings can pull victory out of a seemingly impossible situation.

2. Remodeling our mountain cabin. Sine we were away for the Christmas period last year, we embarked on a remodel of our Tahoe place. The lack of garage and central heat just didn't work for a family with two kids. We started this just as the economy crashed down around us, so were able to have our pick of contractors (we found a lovely guy, just starting out on his own, and our project helped carry him through a very rough time in the home building trade). It was completed, actually under budget, in time for another high point..

3. Geekydaddys 40th birthday. Slowly but surely our circle of friends are hitting and passing the big "four oh". Geekydaddy and I love to be surrounded by our friends. Before kids we would socialize every other night, and we miss those evenings of easy laughter, inane banter and deep political analysis (honestly, we have several times solved all the worlds problems, but then been unable, in the cold and far too bright light of day been able to recall exactly how). We piled into our newly remodeled place, rented an extra cabin, stocked up on food and beverages, and enjoyed a weekend together complete with our children and animals, and commemorative T shirts.

4. Another 40, this time my mum and dad's ruby wedding celebration. After our South Africa trip a jaunt over to the UK seemed like a breeze; what, just one 10 hr flight with a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old? No problem! The previous year my siblings (I have a younger sister and brother who live in the UK) and I had asked my parents what they wanted to do for this momentous occasion. They floated the idea of a party. I told them that if they had one, we would come, so the event was planned, and what a lovely day it was, marred only by poor Geekyboy throwing up all over my carefully chosen outfit minutes before the party. We have had lots of family gatherings over the past years, all three of us having had good sized weddings, but these have been family occasions, and what with mum being one of eight, and dad one of four, with the associated offspring (you do the math, I have 20 first cousins), the guest lists were limited. This time mum and dad invited their immediate family only, and left room to invite friends, people they have met and stayed in contact with throughout their married life. I was struck by what strong friendships my parents have formed, and how they have continued to form new friendships throughout their life together. It was an occasion to celebrate the power of both family and friendship, and of course the great partnership my mum and dad have evolved over the past forty years.

5. Which brings me nicely to the last but most definitely not least high point of 2009, the birth of my gorgeous nephew in November. My little brother had the good fortune to find himself a fantastic wife,  and now they have added to my parents brood of grand kids with number six, the second little boy. My sister in law is a warm and lovely person (and no, I'm not just saying that because I know you're reading!), children adore her, and she and my brother were very ready for their family life to begin. Having a first baby is like being slammed into a wall, emotionally and often physically. It is hard to even remember, let alone try to convey to someone else what it can be like. When a woman I care about is about to become a mum, I hope fervently that she will have an easy time during labour and delivery, a strong healthy baby, and an easy time with breastfeeding. That the transition to motherhood isn't made harder by medical scares, disappointment, and pain. All of this came to pass for my sister in law and my brother, they transitioned quite easily into parenthood, and though I have seen plenty of pictures of his ever growing cuteness, I am so excited to go over the the UK at the end of this month to meet the little guy. I predict that this will be one of my high fives for 2010.

I'm a bit late on this, but I would like to tag a few folk. If any of you reading have high fives for 09 to share I'd love to hear them. If you want to link back to me, that would be lovely too!

I tag my dear friend followthatdog who started me blogging; troutie, a very amusing mum writer based in London, Tiff, in Australia at three ring circus who takes amazing photos, the mad house, who makes very cool crafts with her kids, and probably got this already from someone else, and rox of rox and roll, who writes about life with kids in Silicon Valley


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

thanks for the tag and for the lovely compliment.

Those five things that you listed sound great, will have to put my thinking cap on.

Jen Walshaw said...

Thank you for the tag, You have had a busy year, with lots of travel. South africa has been my fav holiday ever!!!

Lorna Harris said...

Great to find you too!

I'm still holding onto mummy as well - although it's slowly starting to change.

Happy New Year - look forward to reading your posts.

Iota said...

What a lovely lovely year!

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