Sunday, March 22, 2009


From quite an early age, Geekygirl has taken an interest in what she is wearing. As a toddler she loved certain shirts, and had favourite colors and fabrics. So far she has not morphed into an "all pink, all the time girl" either, which I'm pleased about. She has a fair amount of pink, of course, but seems to have an equal attraction for turquise, orange, and even black, sometimes looking like a tiny nightclubber or art student in black stretch pants and funky T's.

I used to offer her a choice of two or three outfits, matched by me, every morning, but as her independence has grown she now prefers to select the whole outfit herself. Since she also gets herself dressed, I'm pretty happy with this state of affairs.

Given how hurried we are many mornings to get everyone fed and attired, I'm not too picky about what she wears. Layering is her big thing. She was told once that it was too cold to wear her favourite spaghetti sleeved top, and I suggested putting a longer sleeved top under it. This has started a trend, it seems, now if I ever warn her that a chosen outfit is not warm enough for the day, she simply puts another shirt on underneath it.

Sometimes though, I'm really impressed with the outfits she puts together. Like this one. Notice how the turquoise spotty pants bring out the turquoise stripes in the sundress, and also echo the spots on the sleeve of the shirt she has underneath. The pink boots work very well and the headband tops it off perfectly, pulling together all the colors in the outfit. I didn't even buy any of these items with the intention of combining them. Maybe we have a future contender on "project runway"? Though judging by today's choice of green striped shirt under orange tank top with pink leggings, maybe she has a way to go!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let them eat kibble.

With cats, dog and kids constantly clamouring for sustenance, I harbour a secret desire for a big bag of "Family Chow". Something nutritious and delicious, oh, and organic of course, that can be poured into a bowl and served to either animals or children. It would save me so much time and mental energy.

I dither so much, wondering whether I should feed the cats before the kids. The advantage of feeding the cats first is that I don't get tripped up by leg winding, apparently famished cats meowing "I'm emaciated, my ribs are showing, feed me or I'll expire right now" while I make the kids dinner. The disadvantage is that leaving the cats alone with their food while I make something for the kids gives the dog a chance to sneak over to the cat food, (and oh yes, a 60 pound dog can sneak) and gobble it all up.

The dog gets fed last, since it doesn't matter how much food she has already consumed, she will still eat the cat food given half a chance, and hover around the kids table hoovering dropped food. (How do people without dogs keep their floors clean?) Or these days, getting an offering of a pureed chicken coated spoon; Geekybaby loves to share. (yes, it gets licked by the dog and goes straight back into the babies mouth. It's five against one here and I don't have eyes in the back of my head. Besides, it's good for the immune system).

This morning the inevitable finally happened. Geekygirl was happily enjoying her bowl of cheerios and allbran. The morning almost went badly, since she had requested raisin bran (something I have only bought once, but for some reason has stuck in her mind). Fortunately, though I had no raisin bran, we did have raisins, so I sprinkled a few of those in her bowl, and breakfast got off to a good start. I was making coffee, feeding the dog, and eating my own breakfast all at the same time, when I heard

"What's this mummy?". Geekygirl proffered a small, brown, milk coated item from her cereal bowl. "That's a raisin" I replied. "Remember, I put raisins in your cereal today". She put the item back into her mouth cautiously, the removed it again.

"Mummy, it's not a raisin, it's a kibble" she said indignantly.

I inspected the item more closely, and sure enough, it was a dog kibble.

"I already ate one!" She said.

I had to laugh that it has finally come to this. I am feeding the kids kibble.