Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'd hoped that my new job, being spitting distance from the kid's preschool instead of thirty miles from it, would allow me to pick them up a bit earlier. They hired me with high expectations though, and living up to them requires putting in some serious hours.

The kids can't tell time yet, but as the class thins out, other mums and dads arriving for pick up, they know that their parent is later than usual. It's from this window of time, between five and six, that Geekygirl produces her most poignant artwork. The teachers encourage them to make something for their parents if they seem to be missing them, so I have a lovely collection of hearts and flowers with I Love You Mommy written across them.

The kids also get cranky and hungry, so I've started to bring a snack for them on evenings when I'm later than five. One day I ran out of relatively healthy options and resorted to splitting a Twix from the office vending machine between them. The sheer delight that this was met with, combined with my guilty conscience has resulted in a serious Twix habit.

It will be a bitter irony if my kids end up with obesity and diabetes because I was too busy researching obesity and diabetes, but I don't see any way out now, without feeling even more guilty.

This week I have managed a few more of my intended early pick ups, only to be asked "can you be late instead tomorrow mummy, so we can have a Twix?!" Guess I fared badly in the "mum's company vs. Chocolate caramel biscuit bar" comparison.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone while the kids, picked up early and fed healthily today, play in our sunny backyard