Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paint your own pull up

I had a moment of mummy genius on Friday. I had picked up a new packet of "night time underwear", the marketed term for big pull up diapers for bigger kids, for Geekygirl. Yes, I know, we should probably be working on getting her dry at night since she is four and a half now, but I have to confess I am being rather laissez faire about it. Now that both kids sleep solidly through the night I am loathe to start changing soggy sheets at two am. Judging by the shelf full of big kid pull ups, I'm not the only parent who feels this way.

These particular pull ups were walgreens own brand. I typically buy from Target, but since that retailer started supporting far right political candidates I have been force to seek alternative vendors for my household goods. It is most inconvenient, Target was my shopping Mecca, and I miss it's fluorescent embrace. Walgreens is adequate, but doesn't have quite the variety and volume of it's swankier cousin.

At bedtime I opened up the new pack of pull ups, wondering out loud what kind of pictures they would have on them. No pictures at all, it turned out. I was almost as surprised and disappointed as my daughter was, I must admit. They looked rather clinical. Like adult diapers. Not that I've ever seen an adult diaper, but I imagine that they are not whimsically decorated with pastel flora and fauna. Perhaps plain is better, perhaps a child her age should be mildly ashamed of such attire, but I wasn't in the mood for such justification when faced with a grumpy child whom I was quite anxious to get into bed.

Then I had my stroke of genius. I remembered how a friend of mine whose toddler was dog obsessed had to draw a dog on the kid's diaper every night in order to persuade her to wear it.

I pulled out a set of markers. "I think you are supposed to decorate these ones yourself!" I exclaimed. Geekygirl was sold on the idea, and though it may add a few minutes to the bedtime routine it does at least foster creativity, if not facilitate night time potty training.

Someone should take this idea and run with it, a pack of plain pull ups sold with a set of markers. I bet it would be a hit.

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