Tuesday, June 1, 2010

booby trap

I've never been a still life type of photographer, in fact the banner of this blog is one of my very first attempts at the genre. I was thinking I might skip this week of the gallery, 'still life' being the theme.

I love looking at this type of image though, so I decided that I was up for the challenge. This evening I quickly scanned the room looking for inspiration. Then I stepped on it.

A rogue marble, escaped from the much played with marble maze puzzle that my parents bought for Geekyboy.

Proof that the kids are in fact trying to disable me.

I struggled getting my camera to focus on the shiny orb, catching the setting sun and the last moments of blue sky as it rested so innocently on our lovely muted Iranian rug.

I realized that I like this weeks prompt, it has challenged me to learn how to use my camera better!

And yes, that is hairdog dog hair bristling out of the carpet. I hadn't even noticed it until I downloaded the picture. I could have vacuumed and reshot, but decided that my sloppy housekeeping has a charm of its own.