Monday, June 29, 2009

First haircut.

It has been long overdue. Geekyboy has been sporting the classic "baby mullet" for some time now. I trimmed the front so that he could see, but couldn't bring myself to cut the sweet long curls at the back of his little head.

After a lovely, if crazy busy eighty degree weekend, where we packed in a trip to the zoo, a trip to IKEA, a splash the paddling pool and a Barbeque with our neighbours, Geekyboy ended it on a high note by throwing up everywhere when I put him to bed. I kept him home today, and happily he is fine, though took a three hour nap. This made for a pretty nice relaxing day for me, especially since I didn't have my work laptop at home. I have to admit I even took a nap myself.

One of the many many tasks on my "must do this week list" has been "geekyboy's first haircut". Other items include: Sister's childen's birthday gifts (I forgot her third childs birthday last week, and feel like a terrible aunt) Cats need shots, all animals need flea treatments, tahoe house needs blinds, I need a dental visit, kids need a dental visit, and other critical things I have probably forgotten)

I took advantage of this unexpected break in routine, and headed down to "Kids Cuts" for his first short back and sides. He hated it, refused to sit in the cute car chair and had to be held on my lap, as if he were getting shots, not a gentle grooming by a kind lady. Throughout he cried "Daddy, Daddy". Now daddy, as you can see from my family picture, has a fine head of flowing California hippy hair. So lustrous is it, that the clerk at his favorite gas station calls out "hey, Fabio" whenever he fills up there. Maybe Geekyboy resented me chopping off the curls he inherited from dad. When he is older I have no problem with him choosing to wear his hair long, but when it comes to toddlers my conventional side kicks in. I think long hair looks a bit daft on little boys.

He ended up with a neat short crop, and looks suddenly older, more boy and less baby. And I have added to the endless contents of my purse a little packet of baby curls.


followthatdog said...

Hey! I expected photos. Sorry it was traumatic for him. Those first haircuts can really go either way.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Aw, poor thing. The only cuts Rosemary has had have been from me (and they're far from brilliant), as she is really not keen either. Fortunately, it's getting longer and thicker now and can usually make do with a fringe trim. And we don't have to worry about her having long hair!

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