Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evidence of motherhood

I was bustling into the office one morning last week, ready to present our latest findings to our scientific advisors, nattily attired in my black "business pants", pressed jacket and an elegant working woman top purchased from a real clothing store rather than from Target, when I dropped my handbag on the ground, and in that one moment destroyed the image of "serious professional woman" that I had until then felt confident that I was projecting.

My handbag had contained:
A cellphone, a treo, a camera, a wallet, sunglasses, a portable USB drive, a name tag from a conference I attended about six months ago (sounds professional enough so far), but then we got to; a ziploc bag of dog treats, loose change from three different continents, two tubes of glitter glue, two pacifiers, three sparkly hairslides, a crumpled check for soccer classes that I must have forgotten to turn in, a bottle of purel, a bag of animal crackers purloined from the zoo, an almost clean plastic fork, post-it notes saying "Geekygirl scratched her friend today (complete with frowny face cartoon)" and "Geekybaby needs diapers", some sanifizing wipes, some unsanitary looking used (for noses not bottoms, I must add) wipes, and a plastic monster.


What's in your purse/handbag?

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Anonymous said...

Like, I think some of the vadlo biology cartoons are nicce!

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