Wednesday, June 3, 2009

all dressed up and ready to go?

This morning we set off to work and daycare bright and early and all in good spirits, everyone dressed and fed, lunchboxes packed. I even had mascara on both of my eyes. It looked like a good start to the day.

I had already complimented geekygirl on her attire as we got ready to go (she was sporting a yellow sleeveless shirt over green short sleeved shirt and pink polka dot leggings with socks and sandals). My mental checklist said "clean clothes; yes. appropriate for the weather; yes (I'd already nixed her wearing the yellow sleeveless shirt alone, hence the colourful layering), socks and shoes on; yes.

As I strapped her into her car seat, however, I realized that my list checked only that items were not forgotten, not for extraneous clothing. I'm glad that one of us noticed before taking her into preschool that she was wearing a pair of "sleeping beauty" underpants over the top of her leggings, superman style!

When asked why, I was met with the entirely rational explanation that "People can't see Aurora on my underpants if they are underneath".

I explained that underwear are for, well, wearing underneath clothes, regardless of how pretty they may be, and took Aurora off. She was, fortunately, wearing princess Ariel underpants underneath her leggings.

I realized today that though I am happy to let my daughter choose her clothes and mix and match to an eclectic degree that many other parents may find bizarre, I do have a place where I will draw the line!


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

There's always somewhere where we draw the line. I'm guilty of worrying too much about choice of clothes and have been known to change Rosemary after someone else has dressed her (not the best move when the someone else is my MIL). I was reading a parenting book the other day that suggested letting them go to pre-school in their pyjamas a few times if they were very insistant. I couldn't imagine being able to do that.

There's an award for you over at mine.

Laura McIntyre said...

LOL And thats so cool that you let her do that. I try to do the same with my kids , let them have fun while they can

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