Friday, September 5, 2008

miss bossy boots

So it has started already, Geekygirl is bossing her little brother around. No doubt this will continue for the rest of their lives. I'm sure I still boss my (not so) little brother around when I get the chance.

At the dinner table, Geekybaby was flapping in his highchair and giggling his insanely gleeful baby cackle. He was quite loud:

Geekygirl: "Use your inside voice, geekybaby. You are too loud"

Geekybaby: More insane cackling. Throws spoon on floor

Geekygirl: (with world weary sigh) "Oh geekybaby, your spoon is on the floor, its all dirty, don't do that"

Geekbaby: Continues with the giggling, grabs for geekygirl's fork

Geekygirl: "No grabbing. Use your words. You are too small for forks."

It is so lovely to see the two of them developing a relationship. So far the relationship is pure adoration from Geekybaby's side, and overenthusiastic affection or amused tolerance from Geekygirl's. I sense that before long they will be in cahoots, the small people will take over the house (and I know the dog will side with them), and we will be in big trouble. I'm looking forward to it!

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chihuahua5 said...

i love that she's bossy...reminds me of me :)

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