Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breastpump Maria Barcelona

Now there is a movie Woody Allen should make.

After all, on a good day, in a low light, if I smile and arch, I am about 2% as hot as Scarlett Johansson on a bad day!

As the title infers, my breastpump and I are off to Barcelona. Had you told me three years ago that I would be anything less than thrilled that the company was sending me to Barcelona to present our latest and greatest data at a conference I would not have believed you. Going to exotic locations to hear the latest breakthroughs and socialize with fellow scientists who share my narrow scientific interests has always been one of the things I enjoy most about my career. And when it was just the three of us, Geekydaddy took vacation and we took geekygirl along to conventions, I nursed her between sessions and daddy and daughter explored the sights of Washington DC and Aspen.

But now with a toddler and a baby bringing everyone along is just not possible. I find myself underwhelmed by the thought of 4 days away from my children, 16 hours in transit (no direct flights from San Francisco to Barcelona), trying to pump in airline, convention center and hotel bathrooms. The trip is scheduled for halloween weekend, too. Now Geekygirl is not yet three, so hasn't built up a great anticipation for the holiday yet, but I love halloween, and I fear this could be the slippery slope of many family occasions sacrificed to work. I don't want to be the mum who misses trick or treating becuase of a business trip. Neither do I want to be the scientist who can't present her team's work at an important meeting because she has small children.

A fellow scientist/mum pointed out one bright side to the trip; at least I will get some unbroken nights of sleep!

So, I am going to Barcelona to get some sleep, that is what my life has come to!

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followthatdog said...

wow, I'm jealous. And then I'm not. I know how hard it is to travel and be away from the babies. Try to enjoy it as much as you can.

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