Thursday, September 25, 2008

cruelty to animals?

We refer to Geekydog as 'the dog of love'. She is a snuggler, a dog who craves human affection. She weighs 55lb but secretly wishes that she was a tiny lap dog. She has been with us since before the arrival of the children, and though we love her as much as ever, the amount of attention she gets from us has diminished quite dramatically over the years. It was an incident this weekend that brought home to me how neglected our poor dog must feel.

On Saturday I gave her a much overdue bath. Like most dogs, geekydog is not fond of being bathed, but she puts up with it, hops into the tub willingly, and tolerates the shampooing and rinsing with a hangdog expression.

On Sunday, Geekydog followed me into the bathroom and hopped into the tub again, wagging her tail hopefully. Yes, the poor beast had decided that if the only place she gets attention is in the tub, she would gladly take another bath!

I think this a reminder for us to slow down a little, smell the roses, and pet the dog.

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followthatdog said...

Awww. She's missing her time as the top dog.
Dashiell thinks he's a lap dog. It will probably cost me a leg at some point.

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