Thursday, May 20, 2010

two memes with one stone

Thanks to the lovely Troutie for considering me a kreativ blogger, and the  inspiring Mothership for calling me beautiful. I had fun with this, thanks very much for tagging me.


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Here are seven fascinating facts about Geekymummy:

1) I am a huge fan of musicals. Especially those by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.  I should probably be ashamed of this, but I'm almost 40 years old and I'm finally comfortable with my cheesy taste.  Evita. Jesus Christ Superstar. Miss Saigon. Chess. Blood Brothers.  Cats. Les Miserables (most especially Les Miserables). Aspects of love. Rent. Chicago. Mamma Mia. I've seen them all and more, some of them many times, from the nosebleed seats and from the stalls (where I am proud to say I was once sprayed with Micheal Ball's saliva). I own many West End and Broadway cast recordings, on vinyl, tape and CD, from the Evita concept album, through the Broadway cast recording of Rent to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. My sister and I spent hours of our teenage years belting out "On My Own", Don't Cry for me Argentina" "I know him so Well" and "Tell me on a Sunday" either accompanied by my sister's piano playing or in front of the mirror on the upstairs landing with hairbrush microphones.

2) I was in the school choir. It wasn't a Glee style "show choir", it was more of a Verdi and Benjamin Britten kind of a choir, but it was fun all the same. At the peak of our fame we had a segment on an episode of that epitome of cool TV programming, the religious music show "Highway"., in which we and the late Sir Harry Secombe sang a hymn in a  chilly bandstand by the river. We did compete once, in an Eisteddfod (I think that is Welsh for "Sectionals"), which was fantastic fun. We had a professional recording session of the songs we performed there, and I am just now wondering where that tape is. I'd love to listen to it again,.Some of the soloists (I wasn't a soloist, I was just an alto in the choir) performed some show tunes  quite brilliantly on the recording, and in fact out star singer was called Rachel, so maybe it was just a tiny bit like Glee after all.

3) I realized that Geekydaddy was the man for me when I found out that he owned the three disc symphonic recording of Les Miserables. I was completely convinced while on a road trip through Utah we listened through the whole thing, and I discovered that not only did he know all the lyrics, he even cried when Eponine died.

4) I'm not a great television watcher. Occasionally though, I do get completely swept up in a show. The last broadcast show that had me waiting for each episode with baited breath was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show with a name so stupid I couldn't bring myself to watch it for two seasons. Then one day I accidentally caught an episode and I was hooked. And yes, of course I loved the musical episode "Once More with Feeling".

5) Much like with television, I am not a big follower of popular music these days either, though I used to be an avid recorder of the top 40 of a Sunday evening. I listen to the radio, enjoy current music but never really know who the newer (ie more recent than about 1995) artists actually are.  Then I heard Lady Gaga. Over and over again I found myself doing my "driving dance", which involves tapping my hands on the wheel and bouncing about in my seat while keeping my foot steady(ish) on the gas pedal. I downloaded the "Fame Monster" album, and I have become a die hard fan. Inadvertently the kids have too, and whenever they get into the car they ask to hear "pappa pappa pappa ratzti" over and over again.

6) As you may glean from all of the above I was a sitting duck for the TV show Glee. I only picked up the show about five episodes ago but I am now seriously thinking of changing my name to Gleekymummy. This  past weeks episode, directed by Josh Whedon of Buffy fame, and featuring the song "I dreamed a dream" from Les Mis was a slice of TV heaven for me. Next week Gaga. Can it get any better?

7) I love to sing, in the car, in a choir, even (OK especially) karaoke. If I can hit that sweet spot of having had enough alcohol to get confidence but not so much that I lose all sense of pitch I'm not too bad, either. I keep meaning to join a choir or take some voice lessons, just for fun, when I have the time.  I turn 40 this year and I have a secret desire to  celebrate this by singing at Martunis, San Francisco's gay piano bar. I've been practicing this song (in the car) for the occasion. The song blew me away when I first heard it. Having only heard her dance hits I had no idea that Lady Gaga had an inner Broadway Diva.What do you think? Should I go for it?!

I love getting these memes, and I like the tagging part because I like to share blogs I love with others, but please, don't feel that you have to actually do the blooming thing,  they can be quite time consuming and it is not my intention to burden anyone!

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