Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Geekyboy turned three on Friday.

My little baby has irrevocably turned into a little boy.

You are such a personality. Everything you say is delivered with a comic head tilt or dramatic gesture. Your range of expression, both in your vocabulary and your mannerisms are so mature now, and so funny.  I see the spark of a comic actor in you, you love to see a reaction to everything you say and do.

You are exploring language with more sophistication every day. Asked which pajamas you would like to wear, you rejected your 'monkey pirates' ones as "too piratey". Inventing your own adjectives at three is an impressive feat, and the pride with which you delivered this pronouncement, knowing quite well it would amuse me, was just delightful.You delight me every day.

You are still so untainted by the world and its expectations. You like nothing better than to wear a dress and some pink high heels. "Today I am going to be a girl" you declare. Or sometimes "Mummy, today I'm a boy in a dress".

You are my cuddler. Your hugs are increasingly being delivered battering ram style, but despite your now advanced age, you still love to be kissed and smooched. In times gone by I would probably have been accused of babying you and turning you into a mama's boy. I'm so relieved that we live in times where I can adore you openly rather than withholding my affection for fear of doing you some kind of mysterious psychic damage.

Three can be a tempestuous age.  I see your fierce temper and stubbornness getting stronger along with your study legs. Yet you still have a sweet compliance running like a seam of gold through your personality. "NO!" you will declare, when asked to wash your hands or clean your teeth "But you have to get the germs off" I reason, and most of the time you will tilt your head, reconsider and sigh "Ok, then".

You are growing up and away every day. I was reminded just this weekend that tiny boys grow too fast; the father of one of Geekygirl's classmates was playing with you, and remarked on your sweetness, remembering the days when his boy, now five, was as small and cuddly.

I hope your sweet nature carries into your adult personality. I worry about how hard it must be to transition from being a little boy to being man, with all the responsibilities and lack of support that can come with adulthood. I think adult men sometimes get a rough deal, they carry a large weight of expectation as they grow up; to be providers, to shoulder burdens and not to show weakness. I know that you are going to be a wonderful man, funny, kind and very handsome. For now though, I'm going to enjoy every moment of your being three.

Happy Birthday Geekyboy