Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today our little girl is five years old.

Geekygirl, you are amazing and precious. The little girl I always dreamed of. So very much your own person now, I cannot imagine ever being without you. Our house, our whole lives really, are now merely a stage for you and your brother to learn and grow within.

Such a presence. So self contained. Full of questions, but also full of facts and ideas that you have sopped up like a sponge, and confidently spout back to us. Stuck in a snowy traffic jam for two hours a few weekends back, you managed to talk non stop for the entire time. You have such a command of language, we love to listen to you narrate as you play. Fairy or princesses; paleontologist, alien, spacegirl or explorer; superhero, horserider, scientist or pastry chef. You seem so free from limitations, so creative in your dreams.

Every time I watch the movie "Mamma Mia" , one of my favourites, I reach the scene where Meryl Streep sings "slipping through my fingers", on her daughter's wedding day and I expect to be irritated by the maudlin new song, but every time I find myself in tears of recognition. How can you be five today, my little girl? A quarter of your life at home with us is passed already. Ten, fifteen, twenty, and you will be off into the world. I hope we have done well by you so far, have given enough of ourselves to you, by bringing you into our hectic lives.

I hope you will always be as curious, confident and as joyful as you are today at five years old. I know you will be as smart and beautiful. And judging by our ritual birthday shopping trip, where you rejected your former favourite store, cheap and cheerful "The Children's Place" for the sophistication of Nordstrom, you will be very well dressed.

Happy birthday, darling girl