Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A memory. A post for The Gallery

We had been on a day trip with the brownies, my sister and I. My dad has just collected us from the bus stop.

I remember those shiny Clarke's shoes I was wearing, and those knee high socks. They had lacey holes. I'm the one in the brownie uniform, remember the milk chocolate brown colour? And the yellow tie and silver clover leaf badge?

I remember the blue gingham dress my sister is wearing. It was mine first.

I remember when dad's hair was brown, and I remember that cagoule (it was olive green).

I don't remember much about the day. Apparently the bus was late back from the trip and in those bygone days before cellphones (I estimate the photo was taken in about 1977), my mum and dad just had to wait, hoping that nothing had gone amiss. I expect that is why dad has such a big smile on his face, happy to have his girls back safely.

I do remember who took the photo, my mum's college friend Maureen, who captured many lovely moments in our family's life in impromptu black and white.

And I remember where the photo hangs, in a gallery of family snapshots, on the stairs in my parents home, where I grew up and where they still live. A house full of happy childhood memories, which, now grandchildren have arrived, are being created all over again.

Thanks Mum and Dad!

posted for the gallery. The prompt was "a memory"