Friday, April 16, 2010

the joy of skiing

Here is a post for itsamummyslifes little film club.

One of things I love to do most in the world is to ski. I don't think when I ski, I don't fret about work or worry about the kids. I surrender to the rhythm of my turns, and the beauty of the mountains. Its like meditation for the body and soul. My husband calls me "the worlds happiest skier" because whenever he catches a glimpse of me heading down the mountain I have a huge beaming smile across my face.

Here I am skiing at Whistler, the most amazing resort I have ever been too. The video would have been more amusing if I had attempted the half pipe and crashed spectacularly, but I decided against it, as I want to get home to the kids in one piece. In keeping with the snowy theme of the videos I have posted to date, here I am swooshing down a gentle slope, enjoying the amazing views, and a little bit of time off (if there is such a thing) from being mummy.

The joy of skiing from geekymummy on Vimeo.