Thursday, April 1, 2010

"do it again!" A video for the little film club

The lovely itsamummyslife, who writes very amusingly about her family and work life balance, has started a video post club. This weeks themes are optimism, happiness and/or excitement. I happened to have a little clip worth sharing, so here goes.

Remember a week or so ago I was talking and worrying about a ski weekend with new friends?

Well here is a little video clip I took on that trip that about sums up how silly I was to be worried about it.

We took the kids to "Planet snow kids" at Soda Springs ski resort. Incidentally this is the oldest ski resort in California.  Back in 1931 the enterprising owners of this little mountain right by the railroad track put in a lift, and budding skiers trekked in from San Francisco and Sacramento, slept in the rail cars by night and skied by day!

Now it is a regular ski resort, but one one that caters very strongly to children. This snow play area has "carousels" with snow tubes spinning round a pole, and a kids snow tubing hill, where the little ones can ride a moving walkway up a shallow slope, and then careen down the hill in the tube, squealing with glee.

Geekygirl is learning to ski, which she loves but which also induces some frustration, she can't get the hang of the "snow plow" or "pizza wedge" position that is essential for control, and has been getting a bit disheartened. The snow tubing is pure fun, fun that she has some control over, gamely dragging her tube up and down the moving walkway lift time after time to earn the thrill of flying down. She is only just four, and we want to emphasize the fun part of snow sports, so this place is just brilliant.

We had taken Geekyboy a couple of times before, but until this weekend he had not wanted to participate. "Tooo 'cary" he decreed. I can only hope he retains a modicum of this sensible caution as he grows older, and doesn't take after Geekydaddy, who regails me with "hilarious" tales of accidentally skiing off cliffs, and of mangled knees and concussions. I'm thinking now that his mother didn't find these incidents all that funny at the time. At least these days all the kids wear helmets.

Our guest toddler, his little friend from preschool, was bolder and was keen to try the snow tubing. Geekyboy succumbed to peer pressure, and after his first run he was hooked!

What do you think? Does this represent happiness and excitement? I certainly think so!

Untitled from geekymummy on Vimeo.