Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The dress that said "Me"

Tara's Gallery prompt this week was "me"

She asked "I want a picture which reflects who you are. It doesn't have to be a self-portrait if you don't want to. Just something which says: Me. It can be you as a child, you now, a body part (I can hear some of you chuckling from here), doing something you love, taken by someone you love etc etc."

This is me on our wedding day. I felt so pretty in my dress, but yet still felt like myself. I tried on so many, as one is want to do when selecting a wedding gown, but this dress, a little bit sexy and bold, but a little bit feminine and floaty too, said "me" the minute I tried it on.

The photo was taken by our brilliant wedding photographer Kirsten Hepburn. (We're on her website in the portraits section!) We found Kirsten though word of mouth, and she happened to be South African, like Geekydaddy's father. Geekydaddy has never lived in South Africa but he has cousins who do, and we had a good turnout at the wedding from the South African side of his family..

At the wedding, while Kirsten was snapping away. she overheard a familiar voice. It turns out she went to high school with Geekydaddy's cousins! How's that for a bizarre coincidence!