Friday, March 19, 2010


We have been fortunate enough to make some new friends recently. They are fellow parents at daycare of a boy in Geekyboy's class. We've socialized a few times with the kids, and had a very nice time, but this weekend we're taking our relationship one step further. They are coming to stay with us for the weekend at our place in Tahoe.

I'm nervous. It is a big commitment spending the whole weekend with people, especially people you don't know all that well. There is a lot of conversation to be had. Lots of potential for awkwardness. Lots of dishes to wash.

I spent money we can't really afford on a new coverlet and matching throw pillow for the guest bed. I've been to their house you see, and it is rather well appointed, whereas our Tahoe place, though it has many charms,  is furnished mainly with tatty things the previous owners left behind.

I packed nice clothes for myself, though usually I spend the weekend in my sweatpants or my ski undies. Quite often we don't even find time to shower, so I'd better squeeze one of those in this weekend if I can.

I recycled the 50 old copies of Star and Us magazine I have laying about and replaced them with "the Economist" and "Scientific American" (we do actually subscribe to those magazines, I didn't buy them specially!)

And I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the children behave well all weekend. I know that these friends are not coming to judge my parenting, but who doesn't feel a little under the microscope, dealing with the usual day to day drama that is to be expected with a four and two year old.

So, parenting gods, please smile on me this weekend.  I"m hoping that my kids don't fight with their little boy (an only child, unused to having to negotiate for playthings). Please don't let them bash him over the head with trains, toy saucepans or electronic games. I'm crossing my fingers that Geekygirl doesn't do one of her middle of the night fits of the screaming ab dabs about pyjamas or pull ups and wake the entire house. I'm really counting on neither of the children biting me in front of our friends. And please, please, please, even if all of this does come to pass, please don't let Geekygirl call their little boy, who is in that rapid "hear it once and repeat it forever" phase of language learning right now, a "penis head".

It will be fun, right?!