Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Worldless Wednesday: Womens downhill olympic champion 2022?

But will she compete for the USA or the UK?!


TheMadHouse said...

UK, we need some good winter sport peeps. Oh and we dont go to church, but I love festivals and traditions and think that it is a great way of teaching the mini's. I say go girl and get making the panckaes

A Modern Mother said...

She'd probably have a better chance getting on the British team? What ever hapened to Eddy the Eagle?

Iota said...

Eddy the Eagle. Yes. What DID happen to Eddy the Eagle?

I think she'd stand more chance of getting onto the UK team, but if she wants to be on US tv, she'll need to stick with the US team.

Noble Savage said...

How cool! I've never even been on skis (or a snowboard for that matter).

geekymummy said...

Thanks for all the comments. Must add that I am no way a pushy sports mum, but several of the US olympians are from the tahoe area and I do see a lot of little kids starting to compete and wonder if we would go that route! Geekydaddy did some racing as a boy in Switzerland. I would definitely push for her to represent the UK, as you say, probably easier to get on the team!

geekysister said...

When Isabel saw this picture she said is geekydaddy wearing a very tall hat!!

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