Thursday, February 4, 2010

The stories and songs Meme

There is a fun meme going around. Sandy at Baby Baby tagged me for it weeks ago, and I have had this one bubbling in my mind for a while. so decided to hold off on "UK trip part II"  and instead post this musical interlude. The idea is to name a song which reminds you of something. It doesn't necessarily have to be your favourite song, just one with a story which instantly transports you back to a time and place.

I had always been an 80's music chick, with some forays into techno and classic rock, but when I moved to California and fell in with Geekydaddy and his crowd I was exposed to a much broader swathe of music, some good, some bad, and some bloody awful. On CD and also played in impromptu jam sessions. I eventually got over my British reserve and as the bongos were passed, often along with the bong, I joined in. I recall a transcendent version of U2's "one" that continued for a full 20 minutes because we all got stuck in a loop with the lyrics.

I was also exposed to a strange phenomenon. Men who dance. Heterosexual men who spontaneously get up and dance to music at parties. Up in our mountain ski cabin, after skiing and dinner, as the wine (and other California crops) continued to flow, we would take it in turns "Rocking the mike" and would dance the night away. The song I've chosen captures those hilarity filled evenings of friendship, and is one I had not even heard of until I moved here. You see whenever this song is played, my husband and his cronies all strip off their shirts and dance like headbanding maniacs, often playing along on guitar (real or air, depending on musical ability).

I'm not sure how this started, the tradition was entrenched long before I came along, and as a good sport  exhibitionist, I would strip to my sports bra and jeans and head bang along with the rest of them.

They even did it at our wedding!

So without further ado, I give you Boston "More than a feeling". A song that, whenever I hear it on the radio causes me to smile and lightens my mood as it reminds me of my friends, of dancing, of freedom from responsibility, and of my husband and our brilliant wedding day.

Watching the clip makes me realize that the 1970's was the zenith for ridiculous outfits for men in rock.

Who doesn't want to be danced around by half naked groomsmen at their wedding?

I tag "it's a mummy's life" , my dear friend Followthadog who recently posted a very funny conversation with her son about song lyrics, and who also had the Boston ritual performed at her wedding, and my friend at Craftytales, who just started blogging.


followthatdog said...

Hey! My husband is right there with you. What a great party that was.

TheMadHouse said...

Hmm, I never had half naked men at my wedding, what was I doing wrong? Ah, but then I do have MAdDad and I wouldnt change hiom for the world

Iota said...

Love the pic of you! Hope your trip was good.

Sandy Calico said...

Sorry I'm late commenting. Brilliant choice of song - love it! x

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