Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what's the weather?

Geekygirl loves to wear what she calls "summer short sleeves". This means tank top style spaghetti straps. It is rarely warm enough here to wear such skimpy clothing, so I usually insist upon a T shirt underneath her sundresses.

Every morning she checks the weather out of the window to help her decide what to wear. In Tahoe it is invariably warm with blue skies during the summer, so she excitedly exclaims "it is a beautiful blue sky day, so I can wear summer short sleeves", and proceeds to rummage through the bag of clothes we packed the night before (with at least 6 different outfits even though we are only gone for two days) for a favourite sundress.

Back here in the city, August has been a Mark Twain summer (some say he once wrote that the coldest winter he ever spent was the summer in San Francisco), so when Geekygirl twitched her curtains for a glimpse of the outdoors this morning before choosing her outfit, she said to me sadly "Mummy, it's really froggy today".

I'm sure there are many folks in other parts of this country who believe San Francisco is overdue some kind of biblical plague of amphibians, but I'm happy to report that the weather is just the usual low, damp, maritime layer of cloud!

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A Modern Mother said...

Too cute. I think SF is froggy too. Although it is true that the weather is cold there (I lived there pre kids), it's so cool that you can drive a 1/2 south and get some real sunshine.

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