Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ships that pass in the night

Geekydaddy and I have been having some communication issues. No, not the angst filled, not appreciating each other kind of issues. We have just failed to transfer important but mundane details of our day, resulting in some comical outcomes.

I pick the kids up from daycare. Geekyboy runs into my arms, he is the hallmark of adorable baby, always so delighted to see me. (Geekygirl was much more contrary at his age, and would run away from me, making sure that I had to chase her down to give her my much needed hug.) Geekyboy usually finishes the last of the milk as I carry him out to the car, so he always asks me for his "milkie" when I grab him, and I collect his sippy cup from the fridge. Recently there has been no milk left, resulting in great distress. There is nothing sadder than a baby crying for "milkie", so Kristen at the front desk of the center has been raiding the staff fridge and filling his cup with their milk, so he has something to drink on the way home.

This morning I mentioned to Geekydaddy, who is in charge of lunch boxes, that Geekybaby needed to take more milk to daycare. Geekydaddy was surprised. He had been emptying a half full sippy of milk down the sink every evening (the milk provided, unbenownst to him, by kind Kristen at the desk), and had therefore been reducing in increments the amount that he had been packing in the mornings! Poor Geekyboy was caught in a parent induced spiral of milk deprivation!

This was the second communication breakdown in quick succession. A couple of weeks back daycare had a barbeque. I borrowed a big barbeque from my work, and we also took our smaller one from home. In order to get the work monster grill into my car I had to dismantle parts of it with screwdrivers (also borrowed from work). The barbeques and tools were left at daycare until cooled and cleaned to take home. I returned the work one, but couldn't find the screwdrivers to assemble it again. Kristen informed me that they were inside the other barbeque, our own, now back in our possession. I made a mental note to collect the tools, and promptly forgot.

Two days later, Kristen handed me a bag containing the lost screwdrivers, which she had just found, mysteriously appeared, beneath her desk. I took them home and placed them in the garage in an obvious spot ready to put in the car to return them to my office. When Geekydaddy came home that evening he bounded upstairs, confused and armed with the mysterious items. From his perspective, he had found these strange screwdivers in our barbeque, and dropped them back off at daycare, where he thought they belonged, only to find them suddenly materialize back in our garage!

It appears that Geekydaddy and I are too tired to communicate properly. If we're lucky of an evening, after the kids are asleep we will have a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and a lovely chat about an article one of us read, a conversation at work, or something funny that one of the kids did. But we seem to be failing to transfer some of the important details of our day to day lives. I think the Geekyfamily need some kind of mind melding device, a human version of how you sync an iphone to a laptop to transfer any new information. It should preferably work while we are sleeping. Anyone know where I can get such an item?

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septembermom said...

I can understand about fatigue. My husband and I are often on different pages during the day. You're right that a gadget to help with communicating all the little details would help. Have a great Friday!

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