Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thankyou, Nordstrom

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the kind sales assistants in the shoe department at Nordstrom. maybe it is a sign of the weak economy, you are desperate for any kind of customer. Even a customer with two small children, one of whom is testing the springiness of all of your elegant 'shoe trying' on furniture. You smiled indulgently as I explained that the couches in the store were for sitting on and lying on, not jumping on. And that, well, OK, marching on them was an acceptable compromise. You laughed as I informed my daughter that she could not take shoes from the displays, but that she could try on the shoes I had selected. You smiled as my almost walking baby used your displays as support, and perhaps you didn't even notice him drooling on the strappy sandals.

You indulged me when I gave up browsing since I had to keep the sofa bouncer in my peripheral vision like a gazelle watching for a lion, and said, "bring me everything you have in black, closed toe, high heeled shoes", and then did not laugh as I attempted to walk in stripper style patent leather 6 inch stilletos with platform soles. Well, they looked cute in the box. My three year old daughter looked more elegant walking in these horrors than I did.

You kindly pointed out the one pair of shoes that was elegant on the outside, but soft and cushy inside, correctly assuming I would be grateful, not insulted by the implication that I can use all the comfort life can throw at me.

I bought the shoes, Geekydaddy also found a pair (not high heeled, I hasten to add) and since Geekygirl was still in good spirits, we popped up to the kids floor and got her a new pair of crocs to boot. So thank you kinds people of Nordstroms, your kindness to a frazzled family was rewarded with our purchases. We will return!


followthatdog said...

My only request of Nordstrom is that they fence in the kiddie shoe area. I love them, but when I'm trying to get Django to try on shoes and Ansel keeps running off to the lingerie department, my life gets too stressful.

Can't wait to see your new shoes!

Virginia Janet said...

Interesting.!! I am sooo excited to see your new shoes.

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