Saturday, February 28, 2009

stormy days

We have finally got our much needed rain here in the bay area, but along with it we seem to have brought thunderous toddler mood swings. The atmosphere in the house is much like the weather in Kauai; if you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will dramatically change. Come to think of it, a trip to Kauai would be most welcome right now, especially if the resort had a babysitter.

Geekygirl is a child who needs her breakfast in order to become human, and since her morning moods have particularly unpredictable this week, actually getting breakfast into her has been a challenge. There was the morning when instead of asking her what she wanted, I filled her cereal bowl with her usual cocktail of cheerios, cornflakes and mini shredded wheats. I figured that since she always eats the same thing I may as well save a bit of time. But having this usual ritual of cereal choice so cruelly taken away, she burst into floods of tears and refused to eat. She finally agreed to consume her ereal as long as she was sitting n my lap. But this was not OK with Geekybaby, who also wanted this prime position.

Geekybaby has mastered bipedalism, and with his new found skill can toddle far and wide. Along with this skill of independence has come a new clinginess. It's as if his little legs carry him away from mummy almost without his control, then he suddenly sees how far away he is and comes barreling back too fast for his abilities, so desperate is his need to be back with me.

Geekygirl, a preschooler now, is learning to write her name. She is delighted with this skill, and I am very impressed that at three she can make a passable effort at writing. I was less thrilled when I found her autograph markered onto our living room wall this morning. Geekybaby has also developed a new passion for marker pens, and is no longer fooled by the old 'bait and switch' tactic of replacing one unsuitable object with another of my choosing.

Our weekly grocery run, usually a pleasant family outing turned into a scene from "Supernanny" (the part before supernanny arrives). Geekygirl, adorable and helpful shopper for the first part of the trip, tried to climb out of the cart at the checkout. As he lifted her out, Geekydaddy noticed something dripping onto the reusable grocery bags we had on the bottom of the cart (green citizens that we are). Was it a leaking milk carton? A squashed juice box or an overripe grape? No, we realized in horror. It was pee. Geekydaddy opened the box of tissues we had in the cart wile I chased the pee soaked manic child through the throngs of shoppers, and carried her out kicking and screaming to the mixed looks of amusement, disgust and I hope a little sympathy on the faces of my fellow shoppers.

The plan for lunch was to go to our favourite taqueria, so I put Geekygirl in a pull up and we headed out. Storm over and back to adorableness again, Geekygirl chattered along the street, matching letters and sounds to everything we encountered. The quesadillas were wonderful, the beer even better. The taqueria has beautiful murals on the walls. Geekygirl looked at them in delight, "Mummy, someone drew on the walls in here, but we don't draw on walls?".

Time to hide the marker pens, I think!

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followthatdog said...

Oh thank heavens. I'm glad it isn't just Ansel. I'd forgotten how "fun" three can be.

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