Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tea Party

My blog has always been just a place to write. I'm very fortunate in that I have a great day job and that blogging can be purely a hobby. I have no need or desire to make money out of it. But we bloggers are apparently "new media". We are influential in our little spheres. I have personally checked out products recommended by other bloggers, even purchased things, so I can see how this is changing the marketing world. Last week I got my first invitation to a press event. It was for a local children's clothing company, one which happened to have been started right in my own neighborhood, and one that I already know and love.

I couldn't resist the opportunity, so I persuaded Geekydaddy to take the kids to their gymnastics class and I went along. I felt a little weird with my "Geekymummy" name tag plastered across my chest. At "official" events in my professional life I usually I have a badge with "Dr My Real Name" on it, so I was a little unsure of how to project myself publicly in my alternative identity and without my scientific credentials to hide behind. I got the hang of it though, and met some lovely and interesting people, like Normalarkey, the Drifter and the Gypsy, and FrogMom.

Tea Collection make gorgeous children's and women's clothes. I first came across them years ago, when looking for a baby gift for a friend. Our little local florist also sold trinkets and select children's clothing items. She stocked items from Tea, and I was always drawn to them for their interesting prints, the use of colors other than pink and blue and their use of soft, natural fibers.

I learned at the event that the florist store was actually their very first outlet, so I must have been one of their early customers! They are now featured in Nordstrom department stores, so have clearly come a long way. I also learned that the company is called Tea because Tea is something that is universal across cultures. One of the unique things about the collection is that each season they pick a country, visit it and use the culture as inspiration for the prints and styles of the clothes. This fall's collection was inspired by Mexico.

The clothes were just gorgeous. I love that Tea choose a wide color palate for their girls clothing rather than relying on pinks and purples. Their T shirts and hoodies are even, gasp, unisex! The outfits are perfect for San Francisco because they are made for layering. Geekygirl always mixes and matches clothes, wears her dresses over the top of shirts and leggings. She will also only wear soft stretchy things with elasticated waists. Obviously she is not alone since Tea tailor their stuff to exactly this type of kid. The boys clothes also draw from a wider color pattern than is usually seen for boys and again I found the essentials for my sensitive little flowers; soft fabrics and elasticated waist pants. Pants that your kid thinks are sweatpants but that a mother isn't ashamed to put on him for a fancy party.

When I got home Geekygirl tore into the swag bag. She loves this soft cotton jersey sun dress that was inspired by a piece of Mexican pottery.

This was my first official event as a blogger, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the lovely women at Tea for inviting me. This post isn't sponsored, but they did give me a bag of free stuff! You can find them here, on their facebook page and they even have a blog. How can a British expat not love a company called Tea?!