Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's the boss?

Geekygirl must have overheard a conversation about work, because she asked me the other day "Mummy, what is a boss?" I explained that at work I have a boss, who is in charge of the office and who tells us what to do (My boss rarely tells me what to do, in actuality, but I didn't think it was time yet to talk about situational leadership and management strategy.)

I could see her mind working, and she asked me "Do I have a boss?" The question afforded a perfect opportunity to test her opinion of our family dynamics so I asked her, "well, what do you think, who is the boss in our family?"

"You are" she replied with out hesitation. "You are the boss of Geekyboy and me". "What about Daddy? I asked. She thought for a while and said decisively "Daddy is the boss of Geekyboy and me too, but you are the boss of Daddy".

Later that day she explained to her father that "Mummies are the boss because the mummies have the babies. If the Daddies have the babies then they get to be the boss."

Sorry Dads, but you can't argue with pure four year old logic.