Saturday, January 9, 2010

A favourite picture meme

 The Mad house tagged me to post a "favourite picture". I thought about asking my mum and dad to scan and email me a lovely shot of my siser and I, skipping along in the rain holding my dad's hand, in our Brownie uniforms and anoraks, circa 1977, but in the interests of time I went to my own extensive digital archives. I came across this photo, taken on a jaunt to the wine country nine days before geekygirl arrived and our lives changed for ever. (In case you are thinking, "man, she looks irritatingly trim for a nine month pregnant woman" i assure you that I made up for it during my pregnancy with geekyboy where I was completely enormous).

Almost everyone I usually tag has been tagged for this, but just in case I tag Sandy at BabyBaby, and as always followthatdog, please join in if you like!


Iota said...

You DO look trim!

Looking back, it must seem like the calm before the storm, as it were. How life changes the moment the little thing emerges - changes forever.

followthatdog said...

Awesome. I'll play this one. I might even do the high five at some point, I just need more distance to recover from 2009 before I think too much more about it..

TheMadHouse said...

You look stunning for 9 months pregnant. I dont have any of me expecting, I was very ill and looked it too!!

I have just read that back and you are stunning anyway, but extra points for being with child!!

I need to see the other pciture once your mum and dad have scanned it!

Sandy Calico said...

Lovely happy photo and thanks for the tag x

geekymummy said...

Thanks all! Look forward to seeing you pics

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo. I can't believe you are nine months pregnant. I was the size of a house at that stage!

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