Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the sweetest thing

At about half past five this morning I was awoken by a small person creeping up from the foot of our bed. It was Geekygirl, and she might have been able to sneak in unnoticed, if she hadn't disturbed the cat.

She doesn't usually come in to bed with us on weekdays, in fact usually we wake up before she does. This morning, she snuggled back to sleep for the few minutes before our alarm, an insistent "birdsong" trill, that gets louder and louder as if a flock of angry songbirds is bearing down upon the room, woke us for the morning.

Wondering why she had woken so early and come in to us I asked her "did you have a bad dream?" "No". She answered. "Did you fall out of bed?", "Uh Uh" she said. So why did you come in to Mummy and Daddy's bed? I queried.

"Because I love you" She replied.


SandyCalico said...

How lovely :-)

Amity said...

That is so precious. Those are the moments that make it all worth it, eh?

Noble Savage

septembermom said...

This is very sweet! I'm visiting from Heather's blog today, and I'm glad that I did. My little girl has been jumping into my bed every night for a week. I love your girl's reason for these nighttime visits. It is precious snuggle time!

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