Friday, May 8, 2009

the never ending laundry basket

Laundry, the bane of my weekend. Two kids and two adults generate a lot, but I wade through it every weekend, transferring clothes from laundry basket, to ancient washing machine, to equally ancient dryer and then back into their respective drawers, ready to be worn all over again. The kids basket, in particular, always seemed to be fuller than I expexted. How many clothes can two kids dirty in a week?

This past weekend I was transfering little shirts and pants into the kids drawers, and I noticed in my peripheral vision that Geekybaby was trying to particpate. I suddenly realized that I had put the same pair of little jeans into the drawer three times. That is when I figured out that Geekybaby and I had a little comedy routine going on. I put some items into the drawer, and while my back was turned to collect more clean items from the basket, he, behind me so out of sight, would take the clean items back out of the drawer, and as I turned back to the drawer again to put in fresh items, he, behind me again, was putting them back into the basket. He was oh, so pleased to be helping his mummy in her game of 'infinate laundry', that I had to laugh.

At this point the mystery of the childrens enormous laundry pile was becoming clear. This week I inspected it more closely and noticed that it was filled with clothes that had not actually been worn, and tellingly, these were items only from the drawers within Geekybaby's reach. On several occasions now I have spied him happily emptying the contents of his drawers into the laundry.

What with Geekygirl's obsession with wearing only one or two favourite items of clothing, and sneakily removing these from the laundry and putting them back in her drawers, I don't know whether I am coming or going. I'm tempted at this point just to throw them in the bath with their clothes on each night and call it a day.

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followthatdog said...

I wish that was our problem. We just have a mountain of filty clothes at the end, well, beginning and middle of every week. they get washed and we're feeling like overachievers if they ever get folded. Sigh.

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