Sunday, April 26, 2009

what would Ariel do?

I'm not sure when the "Disney Princesses" formed a posse, rather like the spice girls but with less cultural diversity, but these days the pervasive pentangle of Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Beauty, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Ariel the little mermaid, are unavoidable to the parents of a three year old girl.

I'm not a particular fan of these ladies, but neither am I fanatically against them, despite their subliminal message of submissive, slender, girly pinkness. I expect that the children's obsessions will wax and wane, but a parents disapproval can only act to fire the flames of longing. I recall many Thursday nights, secretly watching "Dallas" at a more permissive friend's families house (The immoral show was deemed unsuitable for us), since being able to discuss the intricacies of Bobby's relationship with Pam and Jenna was essential for joining the crowd at middle school.

We have not purchased any of the princessy merchandise, or seen the movies, but it seems they are popular at preschool. The first I heard of this was during dinner

"We don't speak with our mouths full" I remind.

After chewing, swallowing and restarting her sentence I hear "Ariel wouldn't talk with her mouth full".

"No indeed" I concur.

"And Ariel wouldn't spit. Or throw food"

"Ariel would behave nicely at the table" I say.

"But Ariel doesn't go poo poo in the potty. Ariel goes poo poo in the ocean"

I didn't have an answer for this one. I guess Ariel may have good table manners, but she can't be a role model for our struggle with toilet training

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followthatdog said...

at our house we talk about batman not going poop in his underpants. Ansel responded by telling me that Batman doesn't wear underpants. I had no idea he went commando.

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