Wednesday, January 7, 2009

defining a grown up

What does it take to be a grown up? Here is geekygirl's take on it:

Geekygirl: "Mummy, Its Lydia's birthday tomorrow (Lydia is a doll). Lydia is 5 years old on her birthday. Her can have five cakes"

Me: "I think you mean she can have five candles on her cake"

Geekygirl: "No, five cakes and five candles. Her is a grown up"

Me: "Really?"

Geekygirl: "Yes, her is a gwown up, so her can drink coffee and wine and her can have vita-wims (vitamins)"

Me: "Wow, five cakes, wine, coffee and vita-wims. She is really grown up".

Geekgirl: "and her has huge feet".

So that's it, being grown up means that you can have, wine, coffee, cake, vitamins and huge feet. I guess the first three make the latter worth it.

I can't resist repeating back her vita-wim pronunciation, though I know I should correct it. I love Vita-wims. They sound lively and whimsical. Perhaps they are a family of healthy yet unpredictable creatures that live in your medicine cabinet? Maybe a lucrative children's book franchise?!

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followthatdog said...

Then I am a grown up. Have you seen the small canoes I call feet lately?

And Ansel has "marsh-fellows" that I will never correct. It is too cute and makes them sound kind of chummy in your hot cocoa.

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