Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

Coming as I do from a rather damp little island called England, I'm still not quite used to our California seasons (we have two, the wet season and the dry season). Last weekend we took a trip up to the mountains, where the temperatures are dropping, and I realized rather belatedly that the kids had no warm clothes. One frantic dash around Target later I packed a bag of sweaters and fleecy pants. Geekygirl was very excited about our trip, and I warned her that it was going to be raining most of the weekend.

"Rain like on the tellytubbies?" She asked me.

I was floored for a moment, as I realized that she probably doesn't really remember experiencing rain. When did it rain last? Maybe in March? Six months is a long time in the mind of a two and half year old. Her concept of rain is a fleecy, bottom heavy alien(I think it was Tinky Winky) being followed around a TV screen by an animated cloud!

I guess she is a true Californian!

It did indeed rain up in the mountains, and Geekygirl was not impressed with it at all "my face is getting all wet" she howled, and insisted on sitting under the cover of the stroller rather than stomping through puddles like a proper English child. I think we need to toughen her up!